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PlaniSoccer is the # 1 application for planning and booking soccer fields for clubs and organizations. With PlaniSoccer, you will easily book all games, practices and events in your organization, whether in the competitive or recreational scene, and publish them on the Internet with a simple click.

One of the most interesting features of PlaniSoccer is the online publication. In fact, you can publish on your own website all the items you want. This way, anyone, be they players or trainers, can see the different informations published on the website. For example, you may decide to publish all the games that will be played for the month, and the teams that will be competing.

Also, the ability to post on your website the free periods of each field is offered. In other words, the ones which have no reservations previously made. This way, trainers will be able to find free periods for each field and make a reservation request. All this, in just a few clicks.

To see an example of what your website might look like, visit the following address:

PlaniSoccer runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7 and 8. Once activated online, you will not need an Internet connection to use it. Also, one of the biggest benefits of PlaniSoccer is that you only pay ONCE, and you can use the software for an unlimited number of years. You will no longer need to be dependent off a website to do your bookings. Only the publication of your games and practices requires a very affordable annual subscription.

Friendly grid

With a grid representing all periods and all fields, you can easily view all of your bookings and your free periods. The color combinations will also help you quickly identify the categories of your teams.

Online publication of games and practices

PlaniSoccer allows you to publish your games, practices, teams and fields on the Internet with a simple click from your software. In addition, set your website with your own header and footer.

Games booking

The booking system lets you book games individually or download an Excel file containing all of the games for a specific category or level. The color combinations will also help you quickly identify the categories and levels of your teams.

Practices booking

The booking system for practices allows two teams to practice on the same field at the same time. Do you sometimes happen to have more than 2 teams at the same time? No problem! The " other " field allows you to enter additional bookings on the same field.


When you make a booking, cancellation or change, you can send an E-mail to the coach automatically. You can also send E-mails about the schedules of all the games or practices in just a few clicks.


You receive schedules for competitive or recreational league games from mangers in an Excel file? No problem! The download section allows you to download these schedules and automatically transfer them into your booking grid.

Fields, teams and trainers settings

You can quickly manage all of your soccer teams, the fields, the coaches in your organization.

Practices bookings for a season

When you're ready to book all of your teams practices, the group booking is the ideal tool for your convenience. With one click, see if an hour of a certain day of the week on a plot is available for the season. If so, book a team practice on a field for the same period on the same day of the week throughout the season, with a few clicks.

Seasons settings

In just a few clicks, you can create a new season with all your booking periods. Seasons settings also allow you to switch from one season to another, very easily.