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We offer you a Demo version of PlaniSoccer, in order for you to see and try all of its features. This version limits you to 2 fields, 4 teams, 4 coaches and a whole month. All other features are available without any limitation, in this Demo version.

For your own demo version, sign up here. Then, from your account, you will be able to download your FREE Demo version.

Unlimited evaluation version

We are offering you the opportunity to access a trial version of PlaniSoccer, with all of its features without limitation for one month, including online publication.

IMPORTANT: The trial version requires an Internet connection every time you start PlaniSoccer.

To get your own activation key of one month, please sign up here.

System requirements
  • Computer equiped with Windows XP operating system or a latest version
  • 100 Megabytes of disk space
  • Resolution of 800x600 but 1024x768 or more is recommended

Installation of PlaniSoccer

Download and save on your computer the PlaniSoccer installation software, then run it from there. The Demo version does not need an Internet connection.


2014-06-03 - Version 2.20 Corrected
  • BUG: Fixed a problem sending email when canceling a match.
2014-04-24 - Version 2.20
  • NEW: In the downloads section, you can now download the match duration. The header column in the Excel file must be "duration".
  • NEW: In the Reports section, you can export events in an Excel file.
2013-05-31 - Version 1.18
  • Bilingual - PlaniSoccer is now in French and English.
2013-05-14 - Version 1.17
  • Significant changes in sending emails in the grid and reports.
  • We improved performance of the list.
  • Other minor corrections.
2013-05-10 - Version 1.16
  • NEW: In the configuration of the publication of free fields, you can also now set the hours.
  • NEW: In the seasons’ settings, you can rename an active season.
2013-05-09 - Version 1.15
  • NEW: Ability to publish your free field. Trainers can see free fields and ask for bookings directly from the website.
  • NEW: In the publications’ settings, configure the fields and times you want to publish (free fields).
  • NEW: Ability to change the prefix of your local teams’ names, to manage downloads without changing the license.
  • We have improved some reports.
  • We have improved Help file.
  • We have improved the software’s stability
  • Other minor corrections
2013-04-22 - Version 1.11
  • NEW: In the trainers’ settings, you can download an Excel file containing a list of your trainers’ personal information.
  • NEW: In the downloads section, you can also upload your outdoor games, allowing visitors of your website to see all the games that their teams will be playing.
  • NEW: In your grid booking, move a booking by selecting a new date, a new land a new time.
  • We improved the stability of the software
  • Other minor corrections
2013-04-05 - Version 1.09
  • NEW: Ability to have mixed teams
  • NEW: In the downloads section, also upload your outdoor games, allowing visitors of your website to see all the games that their teams will be playing.
  • Other minor corrections
2013-03-28 - Version 1.08
  • NEW: In the grid reservation, move your reservations using the "drag and drop" function.
  • NEW: In the seasons’ settings, you can change the dates and hours of your booking grid. Add or remove dates and times to your season without starting over.
  • NEW: Added and improved navigation of your website. For an example, see Candiac club’s website at
  • We improved the Download section.
2013-03-15 - Version 1.07
  • NEW: Ability to create and delete categories
  • NEW: Change the order of categories
  • We improved in the publication of data on the internet
2013-03-14 - Version 1.06
  • NEW: Ability to change the order of the fields in the booking grid from fields’ settings
  • NEW: Optional Field in the fields’ settings section. It does not let you display optional fields in the grid, by default. A filter in the grid displays the optional fields as needed.
  • NEW: Adding the field Goggle Maps, allowing you to enter a different text as the address for Google, for the Internet publication purpose.
2013-03-08 - Version 1.05
  • NEW: Publish your games, practices, teams and fields on the internet
  • Minor corrections
2013-03-01 - Version 1.04
  • Corrections of the date format
  • We improved the refresh button for the list and the grid
  • Other minor corrections
2013-02-20 - Version 1.03
  • We improved the performance of the download section
  • We update the help section
  • Minor corrections
2013-02-13 - Version 1.02
  • We offer an evaluation version without limitation, for a limited time.
  • We updated the help section
  • We improved the loading speed
  • Minor adjustments
2013-02-08 - Version 1.01
  • We added E-mails’ history
  • Updated help
  • Improved performance
  • Fixed minor issues
2013-01-15 - Version 1.00
  • PlaniSoccer is now available!